Off-Grid Cabin In Off-Grid Farm Community Includes Farm For $49,900

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Located in beautiful Belize, near the Mayan Mountains, this 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin is located in a gated enclave hosting dozens of other small sustainable farms, living mostly off grid. Each farm is equipped with a basic solar electric system, cistern water and black water septic. The community also offers municipal water connections and high speed internet.

This home is $49,900 for the basic setup.

This community is predominantly made up of US and Canadian Expats from 35 to 75 and includes many singles, couples and families. The entire community is securely fenced and gated and all though there has never been a need for it there are also night security guards on staff. The community is surrounded by a peaceful Mennonite community and all the roads in and out are maintained by them so they are kept in great shape. The community is close to clinics, hospitals, schools, churches, grocery stores and more while still maintaining an intensely rural feel. If you are fed up with the rat race and long for the simple way of life you may have found your destination.

The home is 499 square feet with a nice porch.  They are built to suit, so larger wrap-around porch available, options to build bigger or smaller if it's not quite right for your needs, etc.

If interested:  email:, and put Belize in the subject.   Give a phone contact number so that you can be reached as well (in case emails get spam blocked).  


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