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To reach the farm you pass down a picturesque and traditionally farmed valley . Where the fertile land along the ‘Fuente Del Rey’ [The King’s Spring] is still as it would have been in years gone by.  This, because of it’s close proximity to Aracena and its abundance of water and diversity of floura and founa is a prime location and cherished by some of the original families, who still keep with tradition and maintain their farms as their ancestors did, toiling the land and returning to aracena when the sun goes down.


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A place and a way of life fast disappearing in rural Spain/Europe/The World.

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view of the farm

The farm is approx. 3.5 kms from aracena the camino fuente del rey is a well maintained track that is popular with walkers and cyclists on their way to the lakes, or just simply to enjoy the beauty of the sierra.

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House:  Land: Ruins: Garden:   Fuente:  Cork:  Powerhouse: Wildlife: Start:

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