This Water Pumping Station In The U.K. Is Now A...

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 Camouflaged in the north of England, UK, this exceptional two-story building is the result of a notable architecture conversion. 

this pumping station has become aThe Pump House is the contemporary and sophisticated version of a former water pumping station in Ilkley and shelters three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two receptions. Its exterior stays true to the origins of the building and displays an intriguing brick finish. Once inside, the overall perspective is bent, as a potential visitor is likely to be surprised by the highly modern interiors. A generously sized living and dining space acts as the focal point of the entire house. The attention to detail is obvious in every corner of the project, from the lighting elements in the living area to the specially commissioned bathroom with imported marble from Italy. State-of-the art technology is also a defying factor for this home, equipped with infrared high security cameras and intercom system with electric gates. The Pump House is currently available for sale  listed at £725,000.






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