Fantastic Ways to Upcycle Cheese Graters

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Who knew that cheese graters could be used for much more than grating delicious Parmesan cheese on your pasta? Get crafty with clean cheese graters and upcycle them for multiple creative purposes! Check out this list of inspirations on how to upcycle your cheese graters.
Kitchen tools come and go, yet the not much has changed when it comes to cheese graters.  Sure, they may pad the handles, or make them round so they will fit as an attachment on your stand mixer, but really.. at the heart of it, cheese graters have stayed pretty true to their original 1540 design (Yes graters are almost 500 years old!) 
This article from Culture Magazine article showcases the diversity of this common kitchen utensil. (And if you are a cheese grater aficionado, it is practically cheese shredder porn!)  
So it got me thinking.. we all have cheese graters, and you see them at thrift stores all the time.  They are still affordable, even the old ones.  But what could one do with the beloved cheese grater to give it new life?
Well.. I've collected 15 fantastic ideas (NONE of which have to actually do with grating cheese!) So now if you see a grater at the flea market, you may be inclined to pick it up!
1.  Turn it Into A Darling Little Table Clock
2. Organize Your Office Supplies:
3. A Wall Mounted Floral Vase
From Etsy
4. Pendant Lights that Give off A Fun Glow
5. Go Big Or Go Home with a Cheese Grater Chandelier 
Source unknown (Found on Pinterest) Spotted in the wild by Design My Heart Out)
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