Ultra Recycling - You Hafta See These!

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If you're not satisfied with the status quo, or buying your vacuum cleaner from the local store, why not just make one yourself--

5 vacuum cleaner.jpg

Or if you save up all those letters you receive in the mail, maybe someday you'll think to cut up all those envelope pieces, and turn them into a portrait of yourself...

6 mail self portrait.jpg

Somebody's been drinking a lot of soda.... this picture is colored with bottle caps

7 Bottle Cap Image.jpg

If you're into wood carving... how bout making a car out of one solid piece of a big stump...

8 One Piece wooden car.jpg

We've always been intrigued with flying... here's the car of the future... and no, it won't get off the ground... next invention... keep trying...

9 car of the future.jpg

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