Crockett's Breakfast Camp Uses Reclaimed Barns In It's Beautiful Construction

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Before we left Gatlinburg, we stopped off to eat breakfast at this terrific looking Breakfast place:

29 front sign.jpg

And I couldn't help myself but to ask a few questions.... and I discovered that Crockett's was just opened about three months ago, and that all of the reclaimed barn materials were taken from old barns local to Gatlinburg, and the decorations you see pictured were taken from those barns.

14 outside.jpg

15 oiutside.jpg

This old water tower sits out front as a beacon from yesteryear

16 water tank.jpg

31 open 7am sign.jpg

28 davy front door.jpg

The rough made old barn door entrance is a telltale sign of what's to come when you get inside.  When you tug on the door, it's a little different than you're used to.... that's because .....

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