Old Cabooses Make Neat Recycled Hotels

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Welcome to a trip back into yester-year, when the rails were the beginning of travel. Cabooses once played a huge part of railroading. Now they rest in the little town of Elbe, nestled 13 miles from the park entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park, and the shoreline of Alder Lake and the Nisqually River. The cabooses came from all over the world, by rail and by truck. In fact, here in the little town of Elbe, The Hobo Inn is one of the largest collection of cabooses in North America! We have the first year made and the last year made!

Robert Thurston was the founder and the dreamer of this GREAT idea of Caboose Lodging in 1987. Due to health conditions in 2003, Robert Thurston has hung up his "Conductors Hat" and now is being ran by the second and third generation of family.

We hope you enjoy your trip into the past....

All cabooses have heat/AC units, refrigerators, hair dryers and coffee makers, alarm clocks. Some also have copulas, one even has a jacuzzi jet tub! Cabooses sleep up to 4 people per room, with 2 double beds. Others with either queen or king size beds. All rooms have books for your reading enjoyment along with board games and playing cards fun for the whole family.

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