40 Brilliant Upcycle And Recycle Ideas For Around The Home

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As humans, we throw away so much garbage each and every day. Even when we try to be environmentally conscious and “go green”, we end up throwing out things that can be reused and upcycled. After seeing these 11 DIY upcycle ideas, I’m going to think twice about what I’m throwing away.


1. Turn an old crate into a shelf, then take glass bottles and store your bracelets on them to help keep them organized.


2. Clean and paint empty aluminum cans your favorite color turning them into cute storage containers. Add lace or ribbon for an extra special touch.


3. Don’t know how to store your flip flops? You’re not alone! Take wire hangers, bend them up and store them that way. They’ll be out of the away and organized.


4. Turn an old dresser into a rustic kitchen island. Replace the top with a nice butcher block and now you’ll have TONS of extra space.


5. Pick up some used antique door knobs or drawer pulls, and use them as wall hooks. It’ll be perfect for a little place to hang your coat or purse when you get home.


6. Glue mason jars to an old candlestick painted any color you want. Then store little things in it like paper clips, buttons, and more!

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