24,250.849 Pounds of TetraBrick Packaging Turned Into Corrugated Roof Sheets

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In the town of Tres Arroyos in Argentina, over 24 thousand pounds of tetra brick packaging was recycled and turned into corrugated roof sheets for low income families.

Due to the school program on recycling called Eco-Escuelas (Eco Schools) and Eco-Exchange, that allowed the collection of this food packaging. The containers were then transported to the town of Tornquist, to the Recycling center of San Francisco de Bellocq, where they were traded for the already processed corrugated material.

In exchange for the raw material, the recycling company gave them the roofing material the pieces measure 42 by 90 in. All this possible due to a treaty signed by the Mayor Carlos Sánchez with the international firm Tetra Pak.

This material has been re used in the past two years by municipalities, and are giving to low income families so they can use them in the construction of their homes. The are high quality, and the plastic cover makes them resistant to the rain and weather, as well as ultra violet radiation. In the capital of the country Buenos Aires are sold with good results, to the point that the factory has tripled its production. 

Recycling Tetra Brik saves raw material and energy, for every 2,200 pounds that are recycled you can produce 1,700 pounds of craft paper and roofing material, by recycling 2 metric tons, you save an equivalent to a metric ton of oil.

Just the recycling of une packaging, saves the equivalent of the consumption of an hour and a half of the electricity of a light bulb. On top of reducing the volume of trash and minimizing its environmental impact. 

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