Floridians Love Their Islands - Free To Roam If You've Got A Boat! (video p.2)

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Photography by Shalimar Rodz Photography

When you live in the city, there are a number of choices of where to go to get away from the craziness and go have a little fun.  

When you live in Florida, and you have a boat, and you like to use it, there are other ways to go have a little fun.

Barrier islands use this term for a reason.  They tend not to be inhabited because ever so often a hurricane comes along, and they are protection from the storm... er uh... they go under water.

For that reason, it's not a great idea to build on them.  But!  The rest of the time, they're perfect playgrounds for dogs who like to chase lizards, and big kids who want to feel the privacy and the adventure that Gilligan and his mates knew on the island.  

Photography by Shalimar Rodz Photography

With GPS, cell phones, a radio, and good battery charge, and the support from Sea Tow if you get stuck, it's not likely you'll get Marooned any time soon but... you never know!  

Fellow Photographer Shalimar and her husband Andy found their way out to this little honey of a sand-bar playland which they have been to before.

They were noticing the differences in the island since Hurricane Mathew came barreling through.... oh, yes, and a sailboat boat that has been deposited there.  Is this your boat? 

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