25 Ways To Conserve Water

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7. Drink from the tap to conserve water

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Stop using water bottles, as these can be a large waste of plastic. Instead, filter your water and drink it from the tap. This will also save you money, as the cost of water bottles can add up.

8. Level you water to your laundry’s load to conserve water.

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Match your water level to your laundry whenever you do a load.

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9. Brush your teeth with the faucet off to conserve water

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It is a very common and awful habit to brush your teeth with the water running. Instead, keep that water valve closed. If you find yourself rinsing the brush often, fill a cup with water and resort to this cup for your brush-rinsing needs. Best to keep the faucet off while you wash your face too.

10. Thaw frozen food without using water to conserve water

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If you plan to cook frozen meat, remove the meat from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator the night before to ensure that it is properly thawed the next day. That way you don’t have to rush the thawing, and save water in the process.

11. Collect rainwater to conserve water.

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Time to harvest some free rain water! Some even use it as a drinking water, just make sure it has been purified or boiled.

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12. Stop sweeping with a hose

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While it may be fun, and very very tempting to cleanse your pavement with the house. Use a regular broom instead, and you’ll save gallons of water in the process.

13.  Schedule your watering to conserve water

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First, I highly recommend growing some plants in your garden that do not need constant watering. Next, I recommend watering on a cycle, so you don’t have to use a great deal of water up every single day.

14. Bathe your kids with you to conserve water.

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Don’t let your kids take a bath alone. Children love water and they want to play with it. The more you can safely fit in the tub, the better! Also, staying with them while taking a bath is a precaution against accidents. This of course, is all dependent on your own kids, the quantity, and the ages.

Don’t have any kids? Perhaps your pets want to share in the bathtime fun.

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