Hurricane Matthew Prep - An 8 Day Experience of Being Cut-Off

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If you're in the path of Matthew, watch this video of what it really might be like when the utilities quit working:  Youtuber LDS Prepper shows us his experience when he cuts off the power, water, and gas to see how prepared he was for when the lights go out.  If you don't plan on watching all of them, at least watch the last one to know what he learned.  His experience and discovery in this 8 day adventure when his wife was away is an eye opener as to how to prepare and what to prepare for when the storm harms supply and infrastructure, and you have to do without.  

Day 1:  Water off, power off, gas off

Day 2 - boy do I need help

Day 3, What is plan B?

Day 4 - What A Great Day!

Days 5 & 6 - Huge Resource List

Day 7:  A Glorious Day!

Day 8:  Final Thoughts And Resource List

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