DIY Emp Protection - Making a Faraday Cage For Six Dollars (video)

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What in the world is a Faraday Cage?  If you're a fan of the Walking Dead or a prepper, you likely already know.  One of the side effects of a nuclear bomb is an Electromagnetic Pulse.  That's a pulse that overpowers every circuit in the area, and destroys it.  It would put the whole city in a blackout.  But there is a bigger fear than just a nuclear bomb.  It has been taught for a long time in high school physics classes that if a Nuclear bomb went off somewhere above Chicago in outer space, the EMP blast from it could take out the power grid and electronics across North America, sending the whole continent into the dark ages. 

I've been thinking a lot about this in light of Corona Virus, the likelihood that it is a man-made virus, and the possibility that a greater global agenda is at work.  In boy scouts they taught us to be prepared.  As the page host with over 1 million followers, I need to help all of us to be prepared.  

A Faraday Cage is capable of protecting all circuitry within it from electromagnetic interference, thus creating a safe haven for those electronics.  Discovering what items are vulnerable and thus what must be protected is critical to future functionality.  So for instance, if an old engine is at risk via the distributor, it would make sense to have a backup distributor in a Faraday cage for use after an emp.  If you wanted to preserve sensitive family photos and computer data, you could put it also in a Faraday cage.  

A leading expert in civilian and military EMP protection shares this simple home-made version with us.  Check it out:

Grab some tinfoil and some Duct Tape and a shoebox or small heavy box. 

First you'll want to lay out two sheets of heavy tin foil, and fold them over a couple times together.  

Tape the seam with duct tape.

Make 3 more or a total of 4 of these sheets and lay them two one direction, and two the otherPlace a box in the center of the foil as if you're about to wrap a presentWrap and fold down or roll the edges multiple times

Place duct tape to seal

Fold and roll the ends like a lunch bag.  Once again, seal with tape. And there you have it!  One re-useable hand-made Faraday cage you can insert electronics and safely store in case of an EMP event!  

Now we all know that putting our car or our homes inside of a cage like this could be quite complex, but living in SW Florida, and being in the solar installation business, I've been thinking a lot. 

I began to research solutions to protect our solar installations from lightning, and all roads lead to EMPShield.  I am now promoting lightning and EMP protection with all of our solar installations, and this is how we do it!  There's one for your car, or one for your home, and even one for your solar inverter to be protected.   I'm impressed by what I've seen.  They have a track record protecting devices and homes from lightning.  We have yet to see the big EMP test, and hope we won't have to live through one.  Also, the sun can cause Electromagnetic disturbances through Corona Mass Ejections and sunspots.  These events have the capacity to surge power systems and cause EMP-like results.  EMPShield is also effective in protecting against those events as well.  Be sure to use coupon code Offgridquest and receive $50 off on your purchase!  Many Comparable devices cost over $2,000.00.  At under $400.00, this is a great cost-effective solution for your home or vehicles.  (When using an electrician and getting permits, costs may be much higher.  Installed systems may cost $1000-$2500 by local electrical companies.)

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