Off-Grid Photo Contest Brings 49 Beautiful Photos From Across The Globe!

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I feel tremendously honored to have had the opportunity to grow this group of followers for nearly six years now.  It's always amazing that we can ask a question, and gain the feedback of the many.  Even better when you share the spaces you enjoy.  These are some of the amazing photos uploaded by some of you!  This is a contest, so be sure to tell about your favorites below!  

1.  Bobby Jane Gregory2.  Barra O'Seanachain3.  Ben Yeargin

Warm hearted here!  This looks like the mountains where I grew up!  

4.  Ben Yeargin 2

5.  Billie Failor

6.  Clint Matthews7.  Crystal Gillingham, Heller Creek BC8.  Dale Edminster, Remote PA9.  Daniel Stone

10.  Daniel Stone 2

11.  David Morgan (from the southern hemisphere)

12.  Dennis Lundin - Sweden

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