35 American Towns You Haven't Heard of But Should Visit

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Above:  Capitola California:  A quaint surf-town.

There are some tourist attractions in the US that can't be missed: Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc. These are the kinds of places friends and family expect travelers to go and visit, but there are plenty of places to see that are under the radar; often known only by locals.

Inspired by this list asking about the best travel destinations most people never knew existed, HouseBeautiful put together this great list of 35 hidden gems around the US that are worth the trek.

When it comes to your vacation, most people seek out places they've seen on TV or have heard about from friends and family. Fair enough. Now, let us introduce you to 35 unsung hot spots. These unheard-of towns across the U.S. might not have made it onto your bucket list yet, but believe us, they deserve a spot.


This boating and fishing community located on the salty Damariscotta River will have you wondering why river towns aren't more popular. The shores are lined with oyster shells that historians say are from Native American gatherings 2,500 years ago. Cool, no?


The historic charm of this mining town's six-block Main Street will make you feel like you took a time machine to a different decade. After you conquer downtown, must-see attractions include the Old Market House and the Historical Society and Museum.


Even though this midwest town is quaint and quiet during the majority of the year, it totally transforms in May for the annual Tulip Time Festival. To honor their dutch culture, they transform the streets into the Netherlands and host an epic parade.


This town used to be all about coal mining, but today it's rich in history thanks to the Kimball War Memorial. We recommend grabbing a bite and sitting next to the Elkhorn Creek that flows through the town and into the Tug Fort.


This town's motto is "The Oldest Summer Resort in America," and its prime location on Lake Winnipesaukee proves why. People from all over New Hampshire, Boston and even Hollywood (Drew Barrymore once visited!) vacation here during warm summer months.

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