What It's Like To Live On The Water: Seattle's Floating Houses

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I spent a few years in Washington State, and the regular commute took me by the floating houses there.  I was always amazed that people lived that way.  Now that I'm living in Oklahoma, they don't float houses around here, so I went to digging up some cool photos of those sights, and discovered more online that I did in my few years living there:






There is something about water that compels us to dream. I’ve dreamed of a house where the kitchen floor remains partially unplanked and a stream flows through it. On crisp mornings fog would rise from the water and condense on the window glass; frogs would croak; the kitchen would be full of water music. I’ve seen a house on Bainbridge Island made from a covered bridge that spanned a creek. Transparent panels were set in the floor. It must have been like walking on water. And at Point No Point on the Kitsap Peninsula the bridge of a tramp freighter has been made into a house with running lights. I wonder if the steel still smells of salt. 


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