Dan the Mullet Man and his Mullet Mansion on the Sea (video)

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The locals know him as Dan the Mullet man.  They say he lives on his "raft."  But with cold blowing air conditioning, powered paddle system, and the ability to live "where he likes," Dan doesn't need to pay property taxes to sit on the sea, and his counterparts that are "land-bound" pay millions for the kind of views he takes in every day!  His place can be seen in various parts of the back bays behind Sanibel and Captiva Islands, behind or in front of Fort Myers Beach depending on how rough the waters.

Living where you want to.... simply a dream for some, but the sea has less traffic, more space, less regulation, and more opportunities for off-grid life.  I'm hoping to catch up with Dan at his current location, as I understand the raft has driven away from where I once ran into him.  Here's the mansion a couple months ago where I was test-driving a boat that broke down right next to it, so I enjoyed a moment of photography:  

We were adrift, and had to throw anchor to keep away from the Mullet Mansion.  I was drooling at the sight, and so wanted to meet the Mr. or Mrs. who created this beauty.  

Okay, now I'm really intrigued... I see propane and a window air conditioner... so is it on solar or a generator?  I suppose it takes a lot of fuel to turn the paddles, so I'd bet it's gas and generator powered, but there's enough room on the roof for some serious solar energy!  

The chain-driven paddles look to be some serious craftsmanship there!

Shortly after, the boat motor cooled, and we managed to wing it to the boat ramp.  My off-grid appetite had been satisfied for the day.  As you all may know by now, since I have relocated from Oklahoma to Florida, I've had to learn new turf, and my options for what is off-grid is quite changed at this locale.  People do off-the-grid differently in different places.  This is a great Florida version of off-grid in the wilderness... much unlike the places you might find in the mountains of Colorado, but the craving is the same... self sufficiency, an escape, personal space, less governed and more engaged with life.  

So now, today, as I put this together, I was remembering a similar place I had seen a year ago when we were on the water in a different part of the bay.  So I dug through the photos and videos because I had this feeling...lo and behold look what I remembered.... since I filmed it, I can share those memories with you....

We were passing through shallow waters during lower tide.  It was so shallow over there where the house was anchored, I dare not go too close.  We scrubbed bottom a few times in the pontoon boat, and had to keep the motor trimmed up to avoid a problem.  

Now enjoy some of the video clips I found too...  we were so pre-occupied with viewing the dolphins, and then we came upon this cabin on the sea.....

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