The Big Blue Cabin Is Up For Grabs For $3500

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I suppose our decisions have everything to do with trade-offs and comparisons.  When you live in a home with a $2000 per month mortgage, you tend to crave a lifestyle where what you own is paid for.  But that decision in itself could have another set of trade-offs:

Craigslist posting reads:  

Clean, solid boat.
Has head, galley.
Dry, no leaks.

Is my man cave getaway.

Cheap island living.

Currently free anchored in back waters at ft. Myers beach.

no engines or drives no trailer.

For instance, if you decided to move into this boat listed in SW Florida for $3500 and forego the mortgage, chances are you would have to give up your day job.  With no engine, you would be deciding whether to bring a little motor on board, or the expensive task of putting a nice big motor on board.  Then there's questions to be answered like, could you catch enough fish to live off of?  How would you cook it?  Would you paddle board to the island and build a campfire, or could you afford to run a generator?  I suppose you could buy a Go Sun Solar cooker and cook your fish without fire, just with the heat of the sun.  You could install solar panels and us an induction cook-top to cook your fish, and to refrigerate your leftovers, but chances are, without an outside source of income, you'd be in a tough position.  Now if you have a nice little nest egg, and want to live really cheap for a while, this might do until Monsoon season (Summer) in South Florida, since the weather is fantastic until then.

Or maybe you'd be better off with a sailboat so you can move under the shifting winds.  Yes, that sounds like a better idea.  Fuel is expensive:

How adventurous are you, I mean really?  Would you brave the wide open sea?  Or first sign of a 6 foot swell, and you're calling the coast guard?  

$3500 OBO  - via


Maybe the water isn't right for you... maybe this would be your gig:

Ha!  I like this one!  


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