Why raise Chickens? Everything you need to know.

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I still can’t believe all that chickens can do for me (and you)… I’m talking eggs, meat, getting stuff done and connecting to your food.

Here's a great video on Chickens, Coops and all you need to know.

1) One Reason for Chickens (Food): Eggs and Meat. 4 eggs a week, 6 Ibs of meat.

2) Another Reason (Work): I don’t till, fertilize, buy compost, spread mulch, use pesticides or herbicides.

5 Ways to Put Chickens to Work for You:

Till: Leave them in an area long enough and they’ll till it.

Fertilize: Nitrogen making it a great fertilizer for the garden, yard or pasture.

Compost: Needs oxygen and nitrogen.

Spread Mulch: I use wood chips. I have the chips delivered and let the chickens spread it.

Bug Control: Let them out, no bug problems, one example.


3) Yet Another Reason for Chickens: Getting connected to your food source.

When you sit down to a food you’ve grown, you’ll experience unparalleled joy and satisfaction.

It’s extremely healthy.

It’s great for the bird and the environment.

Quick Tip:

Write down how many eggs you want a week.

Now, divide that number by four (four is how many eggs you’ll get from one chicken).

Write that number down.

That’s how many chickens you need (That’s your goal).

Here’s an example: If you want 12 eggs a week, you only need 3 chickens!

Download the ChickShaw Plans HERE

Download the Chicken Tractor Plans HERE

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