Top 10 of Self-Sufficient Islands

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The small beautiful island in Rovaniemi, Finland

If an island can offer its owner not just a living space, but also drinking water and enough food to be able to have a healthy diet, we are talking about a self-sufficient island.

Every family which already tried to get by without the additional purchase of groceries knows that, after a while, one finds the best way to provide for oneself: Whether one decides to grow fruits and vegetables while buying meat and milk on the mainland, or to keep animals for oneself; whether one eats the fish from the surrounding waters or the fish from the fishermen of the next village—how independent one wants to be on one’s own island depends on the personal lifestyle and standards. And the island technology also requires individual planning: is a high tech satellite station preferred, or a simple telephone, a solar plant or a generator?

Almost every climate zone features islands that can be used as self-sufficient islands. A reliable rule of thumb from the days of the settlers of the 19th century goes thus: 2.5 acres of land are enough to feed one family. Regardless of whether the island owner wants to take up intensive farm work or seeks relaxation on his island—it is a rewarding feeling to be able to fall back on the riches of nature.

Aare River, Solothurn, Switzerland

Île Biniguet
Brittany, France

Liebitz Island

Isola Santa Cristina
Venice, Italy

Île Saint-Riom
Brittany, France

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