Tips On How To Raise Friendly Chickens!

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1. It`s never too early to start

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After getting your baby chicks, or after hatching – they will be very afraid and confused about everything around them. Everything will be new to them, as we said in our previous article on how to care for your baby chicks, baby chicks don’t have the habits of an adult chicken. As soon as they start moving try spending as much as time with them so they can get used to your presence, give them treats from time to time and make sure that you are not aggressive when picking them up. Make sure when you are petting them that you are not using too much force and try talking to them, we`ll discuss in a moment why is that important. If your chicks are hatched and you also have their mothers with them, make sure that they spend time bonding with their mothers not only with you.

 2. Talking to your chickens & why is that important

Chickens are one of the more intelligent animals on this planet, they have the ability to see in color and they have a big memory. When you pick your chickens or baby chicks for petting try talking to them in a friendly manner, it is a fact that they will not understand you, but they will remember the sound of your voice.

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By doing this you will help them adapt to your presence in their environment and soon consider your lap as a safe and friendly place. This is very important to do when you are dealing with chicks, because as I said before they are scared and gentle. Spend as much time as you can talking to your chicks and they will grow to be good and friendly chickens and excellent listeners.

3. Why is being patient with them most important

Being patient with them is most important because they still are animals and the size difference between you and them will always put some fear in their eyes. As much as I like talking the best about chickens I have to say that they can be very stubborn, especially in that period when they stop being the cute little baby chicks and start growing into a healthy chicken. Especially during the winter and the summer. Between these periods they start being very annoying, something like teenagers, they don’t want to pet and they run from you. This is normal with chickens of that age so don’t be alarmed.

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It will take a lot of time, patience and effort to make a friendly chicken from your baby chicks but in the end when that moment comes and this little furry bird jumps on your lap and starts moving its head into your chest area it will all be worth it. If you have children make sure that you let them play with the baby chicks because I have yet to see a child that does not enjoy playing with them.

The environment in which your chickens are raised effects their behavior very much, so before getting chickens as pets make sure you have the best chicken coop for them. We at the teamused this manual to get the specifics to our chicken coops and we suggest that you do the same.



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