Soil Testing Can Help You Grow Better! How To Do It For Free:

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The video below is to help you find a way to test your soil's ph, maybe at the moment you lack the tools necessary to test it, but with the tips shown here, you will get a broad idea of its alkalinity or lack of.

Vegetables like a certain pH level, and if your soil chemistry is a bit out of whack, it can make a real difference in how much you're able to harvest from your garden. Here, gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith reveals a simple to test your soil pH using a few items you probably already have in your kitchen. Watch it, then visit for more soil-building tips and information.


Is your soil sandy, silty, or clay? Well you might know what it is just by looking! but do you know there is a way to tell exactly what your soil composition actually is? In this video I show you how!

Or you can buy a soil testing kit.  And don't forget those Organic Seeds!

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