Rescue Helicopter Grounded After Headbutt From Territorial Goat

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Image courtesy of Jamie Stott

ONKAPARINGA HILLS, Australia, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- An Australian rescue helicopter was grounded following a confrontation with a territorial goat that rammed the chopper and damaged a window.

The Motor Accident Commission Rescue helicopter landed about 1:15 p.m. Monday in Onkaparinga Hills, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia, to transport a man who suffered leg injuries in a road collision.

Resident Jamie Stott captured a photo of the helicopter landing in a neighbor's paddock, where a herd of goats grazed nearby.

A spokeswoman for the South Australia Ambulance Service said one of the goats rammed the chopper and damaged a window.

Stott said in a Facebook post the goat collided with the low window by the pilot's feet:

"Apparently one of the Buck goats got a little too curious and put a 15cm crack in the Perspex window in the foot well.  They can't take off again until the panel is replaced." 

The helicopter's intended passenger was taken by ambulance to the Flinders Medical Center, where he was admitted in stable condition.

The chopper, one of three in the rescue service's fleet, has been temporarily removed from service and was taken to Adelaide Airport for repairs.

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