Rat Hunting On The Farm (Video)

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Rats, and their associated lice and fleas, have killed more people than all wars combined. We have trapped them, poisoned them, drowned them, gassed them and still they keep coming ... Now it's time to turn the dogs on them! This RatDog web page is devoted to terrier ratting -- an ancient and honorable pastime going back hundreds of years. If you own a terrier, then you own a ratting machine who's DNA is coded to do a job.

When you hear the word "ratcatcher" you probably picture a character from a Charles Dickens novel. Instead, you should be picturing people like Richard Reynolds, leader of theRyders Alley Trencher-Fed Society (or R.A.T.S. for short), who hunts rodents in New York using terriers and dachshunds. We reached out to Reynolds to learn more about hisartisanal approach to pest control, and he told us that ...

Nothing important ever goes away -- it just evolves -- and today the tradition ofratcatching lives on through professional exterminators and amateur rat-hunting groups that prefer to use well-trained canines instead of poison.

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