Avoid Weed Killer Chemicals and Control Them with Goats Instead.

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A better way to get rid of noxious weeds; protect structures from wildfire.

Here’s the long and short of it…

We Rent Goats® does just that. We rent herds of goats to remove noxious weeds from fields, acreage, pastures, open spaces, ditches, ravines, embankments… you name it and the goats can clear it. Their goal is to help you restore and protect your property—whether that means getting rid of non-native weeds that are ruining your acreage, or creating fire barriers around your home, ranch, outbuildings, or housing development. We even clear land around golf courses (and find a heck of a lot of golf balls in the process!).

Better than cows, sheep, equipment or sprays.

If you are a land owner, rancher, farmer, public lands manager, or golf course manager, you know the trouble noxious weeds can cause. The trick is getting rid of them: 

  • You can graze cows and sheep. But these animals don’t like most weeds. And even if they do eat them, they can’t digest most seeds.
  • You can use a bulldozer. But that takes a lot of your time. And how do you clear weeds on steep slopes or embankments, or in ravines?
  • You can use herbicides. But they’re expensive and leave behind unwanted chemicals.

For many landowners, grazing goats in the best solution.

Are goats the right solution for you?

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