First Timers: How To Milk a Family Cow {Part One}

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blueprints for a milking station head gate

We added onto our existing pole barn, cut a hole in the wall, framed it up and poured a concrete slab. I really shouldn’t say “we” all this beautiful work is my husband Andrew’s handy work  If you see anything on the farm that looks cool and is well done… Andrew did it!

One of the tricky parts about milking a cow every day is when you have young children. I’ll tell you though… it can be done! Here are two pictures taken at different stages newborn and at 8 months old. The keys here are using an Ergo Baby Carrier (which we still use and our toddler is 19 months) and our stroller that is strictly for farm use, the Baby Trend jogging stroller.

We use a garden cart to transport, hot soapy water, a strip cup and our milk machine and equipment to the barn for milking time.

In the blue tote is fly spray, cow teat cleaner (water, vinegar, iodine, essential oils and glycerine), shop towels (for the water), and white paper towels to dry the teats off before putting on the milk machine. 


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