A Great Surprise: The Moment The Volcano Exploded---

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It was a beautiful serene day for a hike, the waterfalls majestic like no other in the mountains of Chile when Walter Witt decided to capture the moment in a video clip.  Well... see for yourself...    Translation of his spanish in the video:  

"I'm here in the park, doing a tour of the waterfalls, not many people here; I'm brave and adventurous--  How beautiful--  The volcano in the background... wow"... and then it happens...

The scene begins with a beautiful picturesque shot of the waterfalls above him...

Then just as the camera adjusts the brightness for the sky, and you see the volcano clearly in the background, it begins to erupt....  

 The great news is there were no reports of deaths, injuries, or missing persons from the volcano eruption!  That in itself is quit spectacular if I do say so!

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