This city is being buried in tumbleweeds!

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Some parts of rural Victoria have been overrun with tumbleweed-like grass piling up on doorsteps.

Residents of Wangaratta have to spend hours each day removing the "hairy panic grass" from the yards, garages and front doors.

The weeds are allegedly the result of unkempt and neglected local farmland.

Images from the area show the grass almost to roof height, with homeowners having to wade through the grass to get to their front doors. 

Tumbleweed Mess

Tumbleweeds are piling up roof high outside homes in Wangaratta. 

"It's physically draining and mentally more draining," resident Pam Twitchett told 7 News.

"It is frustrating. You know that you've got a good couple of hours work ahead of you and that's always sort of displeasing," resident Jason Perna told 7 News.

Hairy panic grass has been around for a number of years but is exacerbated by extreme heat and dry conditions.

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