The Most Powerful Hurricane Ever About To Slam Mexico Today: Patricia Moves In Suddenly

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All eyes are on Mexico right now, and my number one staff writer lives directly in the path of this storm.  Our prayers are with them as a 205 mile per hour Hurricane barrels for Mexico.  They live on a farm, with many aspects of their lives off-grid, but no-one is ready for this powerful a storm. With wind speeds like a high f3 tornado that could last a day, I only hope they find safety to ride it out.  

8:49am eastern time:  I just got an update from Pilar...  they live in a valley with a little bit of worry about 20 inches of rain expected.  It appears the hurricane center may stay north of them toward Puerto Vallarta.  They are preparing to cover windows with wood intended for the garden.  They have flashlights and food, but want to get the animals protected.  They have doors on four sides of the home, and want to block the extras up really good.  One of the bathrooms has concrete floors, walls, and ceiling, so that should be the safest place to be should the house fall apart.  They are worried about the roof and it's ability to withstand such high winds.

We talked about the wind direction in their area.  Anyone who is in the eye of the storm gets winds in both directions.  Last minute planning based on storm direction can mean the difference of how well you fare the storm.  At first it appeared the storm would land north of them, but now maybe south.  It keeps wobbling, so it's hard to tell where it will land precisely.  

Pili mentioned trying to figure out where to park the cars to avoid them being hit by falling trees. 

They live about 1 hour from the beach at 2000ft elevation, and are hoping the hills have some effect on dissipating the winds.  Quite often, the hills and mountains help to ring out the storm of precipitation, so it could be a heavy flood event for them, but hopefully less wind.  

They still have phones and electricity, but realize that they have a phone that must be plugged in, and are going to try to scour for a phone that will work regardless of electricity.  Often when the power goes out, the phones still work if you have one that powers from the phone line.

These are all things to consider when making these last minute preparations.


Pili and troy mentioned 13 hours ago:

One of the non Perks of not having a TV... we just found out there is a hurricane coming our way... hitting this area around 8 am... Quoting my Husband "So... It looks like we are in the direct path of Hurricane Patricia. All 5 computer models show it basically going right over our heads at 100+ mile/hour speeds... We're supposed to get 10-20 inches of rain as well... Gulp..."
All I'm thinking is, do I have enough water, food, batteries, to keep us safe and dry inside our home...
Make sure we seal our doors to prevent flooding and make sure our animals are secure...
A year's worth of rain is expected to fall in 3 days.... yikes! Coming from California and the Baja, I know we moved here for the water, but this is going to be ridiculous!!!


Noon today, 10/23/15: Pili says on facebook:

For everybody voicing their concern for us... Thank you! It means a lot... We will keep you posted if and when electricity and internet allows us to... Our animals have been covered and secured, we have plenty of water, food, candles, flashlights, propane, ice, windows have been reinforced, doors secured. It's said to be hitting us around 3-4 pm today. Rain has been coming slow and steady since last night, winds have not picked up yet... It's the calm before the storm... Already went to the store and people were buying plastic tarps, candles and other necessities. Have our safe room and all appliances have been disconnected...








Pili and Troy live here, smack in the path of the storm: 

12:00pm central time 10/23/15:

Word around the town is that they will shut our power down at 2pm central time... might not hear from us for a while... everybody in Bahia de Banderas Stay safe... we are doing the same


1:10pm central time 10/23/15:

Saw buses and buses of people being brought here to the assigned shelters... These families live near the beach right on the path of the eye of Patricia. They might loose everything they own, but at least the are safer now... Will see how bad we get it...

This is a view from their place.  Notice the hilly terrain:

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