Oklahoma Wants To Tax Use Of The Sun's Light! Say What??? Help Stop This Now!

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Representative Mike Turner


Despite numerous letters and calls, Representative Mike Turner moved ahead yesterday with an bill that slipped in language to declare any individual who generates power as a "Public Utility", 4/9/14 on the bill that would levy a tax on Oklahoma homes and businesses who choose to produce their own energy through wind or solar power. He continues to bow to utility pressure while ignoring what his constituents want. As crazy as a tax on the sun or a tax on water might seem, that cannot be as crazy as the one responsible for pushing it through.  Eyes are on Oklahoma even now as National and global news sources prepare to report how backwards, how greedy, and how ignorant people have become to allow their so called leaders to bow to the mighty dollar of those who buy their votes.

This bill is bad for Oklahomans!  It gives the monopoly power companies more of a monopoly!  When the United States Federal government gives incentives for moving to solar power, and the State changes their laws to take money away, it's time to realize that the head doesn't know where it's tail is wagging.  Mike Turner, get it together man!   It's time to take a stand here and now for the people.      

Take a moment to tell Mike Turner on Facebook that you oppose this bill.  You cannot post directly to his Facebook page, but you can either post a comment on an existing post or tag @Friends of Mike Turner in a post on your own page. 

Here are some sample messages you can post. Feel free to add a personal note!

If you care about Oklahoma's future you wouldn't support anti-competitive laws that kill energy choice. End your support and sponsorship of SB 1456.

You can't tax the sun. I deserve the right to generate my own energy from solar. End your support and sponsorship of SB 1456.

SB 1456 is not right for Oklahoma. This bill kills energy choice and is a tax on the sun. Please end your support and sponsorship now. 

Solar provides energy choice. It creates jobs and boosts economies. It creates a stronger energy future for all Americans. We must protect it. 

You can contact Mike Turner on Facebook or on Twitter: @MikeForTheHouse.  or you may call him at 405-557-7357.  Numbers of callers and writers will speak loudest. This is our opportunity to affect the world in a great way.  Let's do our part! 

I can see the headlines coming:  


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