400 Sanctuary Animals Saved!!! Thanks To All Of You And Sharing This Story!!

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This is one of those terrible stories that in the past would have lead to a terrible ending, but today social media has allowed stories like this to go viral and discover a solution before it's too late.  As readers saw what was going on, they reached out and made a difference!   We can make a difference together!

I just got off the phone with Tina, and she has left the property.  There was an officer present at the eviction, who was expecting to arrest them for being unable to comply with leaving.  They met the demands of the eviction.  

The following is taken from their Gofundme memo.  Support is welcomed to re-establish a longterm solution:  

Jeff and Tina Richardson have been running a nonprofit animal sanctuary for 16 years in New Smyrna Beach FL. Bank of America has foreclosed on this property. The Richardson's have been renting since 2000. The bank and the VCSO have evicted them. They were able to move their things off the property, and thankfully, they have been able to place all of the farm animals to a temporary farm location. I have rented a 40' Cargo Container located on SR-442 and I-95 to get them started. They are an elderly couple and can not possibly do all this work on their own. They have been taking care of stray and wayward critters for a long time and are now in need themselves. Also, they are looking for a piece of property, 5-10 acres, to house over 400 animals. God Bless you any and all help you can provide, weather it is financial, physical and/or spiritual.

This is the story that ran on 9/5:

According to WFTV 9, 

Hundreds of animals at a New Smyrna Beach Florida sanctuary could be euthanized if homes can't be found for them.

A woman and her husband were evicted from the property, which they have rented for years, that is now bank-owned.

Richardson said she doesn't have a new place to take all of her animals, and with her departure deadline looming, she worries that the animals will be put down.

Animal control officials said it's unlikely that there are enough local animal organizations to save every animal in her care.

"It would basically destroy me. You might as well just euthanize me, because these animals have always been my life," said Richardson.

Among the animals are wild hogs, miniature horses, donkeys, turkey, roosters, pigeons, opossums and raccoons.

"(I have) goats and chickens and ducks and 28 cats and seven dogs, and anything that wanders in here and finds a home. So it's kind of hard to say what all I really have," said Richardson.

Volusia County Animal Control said most of the animals appear to be in good health, with the exception of two miniature horses whose ribs are showing.

Richardson hopes someone can take them all in temporarily until she finds a new home.

"It's like a dark cloud settling over you, and you cease to be able to function. The animals are relying on me. So I have to be able to keep going forward and staying positive," said Richardson. 

An animal control spokesperson said that if the animals are still on the property on Tuesday, Richardson could face neglect and abandonment charges.

WANT TO HELP? CONTACT TINA RICHARDSON AT (386) 576-6407 OR BY EMAIL: thkgod1016@gmail.com

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