Police Put Farm Under Quarantine After ‘Mysterious Black Orb’ Crashes From Space

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A POLICE force has quarantined a giant field after it became the subject of a biohazard investigation when a mysterious UFO fell from space.

Troops armed in biohazard suits inspected the unexplained black orb after it was found in the middle of a goat farm field.

The Civil Guard in Murcia, Spain confirmed that "an object had fallen from space" but that its origin remained a mystery.Officials reported that a lack of markings or identifications on the object made it very difficult to trace.

The Spanish forces verified that the object was one metre in diameter and was insulated with a thick black exterior.

Goat farmers first spotted the orb and the rural Spanish area was quickly put under quarantine.

Locals speculated that it was part of "a space station" after they reported it "had fallen from heaven".

Independent researchers suggested the object may be a pressurised gas container or fuel tank which has fallen to Earth from a rocket or satellite.

A local community manager said: "The area has all the earmarks of being a container pressure for gases, possibly a space station.

"These objects are made ??of a material so strong that they survive almost intact on re-entry into the earth and even catastrophic explosions."

The orb has since been removed and take away for further analysis by the local government.

The area has been reopened after risk of radioactive or explosive material was withdrawn

Other Similar Spheres have fallen in Australia, Brazil (2008) and Namibia (2011).

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