Tornados Hit East New Orleans Today

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Our hearts are with those in East New Orleans dealing with the aftermath of the tornados today.  Here is a collection of personal and news Youtube uploads from the storm:

As a former storm chaser from Oklahoma, I know first hand how critical it is to get to those who have been hurt.  Right now it's most important to find all loved ones and make sure everyone is okay.  

I spent a few years as an insurance claims correspondent for a large construction company.  For most folks with newer homes and good insurance, their losses will be covered.  They can go stay in a hotel and expect that it will be covered.  For those who have ACV or Actual Cash Value types of policies, the funds will not cover the work needed to repair sections of the home.   If you ever suffer damage like this, be sure to have your insurance policy handy so you can activate coverage right away.  Big storms with lots of damage can delay adjusters and the amount of time it takes to get paid.  When you're out of work and cleaning up damage, life can get hard if you don't have money sitting in the bank or cash in hand.  

When tornadoes came through Oklahoma, we put motorcycle helmets on the kids, cash in our pockets and all went to the cellar, bathtub, or closet.  You want to have gas / bus / hotel money handy just in case. In our younger years, we lived in homes without shelters.  Later on, we recognized the peace of mind in having one.  If you live in Oklahoma, you expect tornadoes, so shelters are more common these days.  Many locations that see tornadoes, such as New Orleans... it comes as a big surprise.  

Footage from the air of the damage on the ground:

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