Family Banned From Their Land For Living Off-Grid (UPDATE)

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When Truitt still refused to move, a circuit court sentenced him to 10 days in jail, which was suspended for six months of unsupervised probation, as long as he removed the trailer within two weeks of sentencing, according to court documents. 

Truitt appealed the ruling, but the appellate court affirmed the circuit court's ruling. 

Truitt and his girlfriend, Soraya Hamar, were living "off-the-grid," and were not hooked up to any utilities services from the City of Huntsville. The city said the living conditions were unsafe.

They say Tyler Truitt is creating an unsafe living condition by living off-the-grid, yet he says he's being cost-conscious.

The problem, Schrimsher says, is not the environmental alternative, but that Truitt didn’t go through the permitting process which includes getting a variant.

Something Truitt says he was denied, after an inspector issued a citation.

"We had intended to petition for a variant. Why should a citizen be forced to apply for a variant in order to comply with an ordinance that was unconstitutional to begin with?," Truitt told WAAY 31. 

The city suggests that if you want to "go green" by living off-the-grid you go to the community development office, building department, and planning department to make sure your building is up to code and you get permission.

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