Live Footage of the 7.8 Earthquake In Nepal Today

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The urgency for now is the rescue operation currently ongoing for those trapped. 


Analysis: Navin Singh Khadka, BBC Nepali

Major historic monuments in the Nepalese capital have been destroyed in the powerful earthquake, eyewitnesses and officials have said.

These include a nine-storey tower, temples and some parts of what was once a royal palace, all listed as Unesco world heritage sites.

Pictures posted on social media show some of the monuments have been reduced to rubble.

Eyewitnesses say several others now have cracks and could collapse.

Officials have said some temples and monuments at other world heritage sites near Kathmandu have also been damaged.

These sites are Nepal's major tourist attractions.

Nepal had lost several such monuments during a major earthquake in 1934.

It is events such as these that have prompted many of the building codes we have today.  Those who lose loved ones are highly motivated to be sure that others don't go through the same traumatic events with such loss of life.  It's important to pay attention to what can happen, so that when we build in the future, we live in a way that will survive our local catastrophes.

When living near the ocean, you build for waves, when in the midwestern U.S. you build for tornados, when in the western U.S.A. you build for earthquakes.  That might mean a fancy building with rollers to prevent toppling, or it might be a tent.  It is through education that we find solutions.


And it is through the process of getting off the grid through individualized solar, wind power, and other soon coming solutions that an infrastructure disaster would not so dramatically effect individual power production.  Such a disaster as this is catastrophic because power goes down, water pumps stop, there is so much reliance on the system to get back up, that there can be a humanitarian crisis for some time.  But people are amazing and resiliant and will find a way to work it out.

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