In Case Your Wondering Why Welfare Is A Failure (Video)

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Welfare queen from Austin, Texas says that she makes at least twice as much money on public assistance as she could at any job. AND SHE GIVES DETAILS on how she scams/leeches the system.
God help us.

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You might be asking yourself why I shared this post on a page titled Living off the Grid.  There are a few specific points that their conversation eventually leads to a point I have made quite often in the past, and this video brings it to a head.  We ran a story a bit ago that discussed the fact that a family of five who makes $29,000 per year must make $110,000.00 per year to actually receive more than the family who makes $29,000 per year and receives all the benefits available to them. Notice when she says if she makes $10, she loses $20.  That's the problem with the system.  It is not implemented as if mathematics and financial motivations were important, but strictly by political motivations with intent of keeping people on the system.  

I have, as many tax paying American's have, found themselves in dire straights in a position where social services are necessary, and then back off it once work is found, but to avoid a system that creates generations of people with intent to remain off the system, it must be scaled in a way that does not penalize you for getting a job, and beginning to move up.  

The sector of people who live off the grid because life has happened and homelessness is at their door is a difficult place to be.  We see homeless in every major city trying to make their way.  I often wonder where their section 8 housing benefits are.  I would like to raise questions that lead to solutions about how to make homelessness and welfare more effective by directing aid toward property ownership, guaranteed financing, growing ones own food, etc.  The welfare system does offer benefits for seeds to grow plants, but it has also become a tool for the grocery industry and landlords to make money, and has lost it's purpose and vision to make independent individuals through the use of rental programs.  Why not guarantee a loan to buy land and a trailer for a good price, and let them take part in the decisions, which lot suits them, what kind of trailer they want or need within a pre-set budget, etc rather than section 8 rentals.  

I post this to help us to step back and look at social programs, and how they help us to wean off the system.  They should help to provide a guaranteed-payment loan to buy land and grow crops for those who are interested and have no credit, rather than throwing the money at land lords.  Give the people purpose through incentives, and you will bring them out of poverty.  If the purpose is to make them dependent on the system, then the system will continue to break itself until it fails.  

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