Journalist Pushes For CPS Inspections Of Homeschool Kids

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No matter how much we the people attempt to avoid processes of government intrusion, the government tends to have an uncanny and savvy ability to strip us of it.

For many parents, the act of creating a homeschool curriculum and pulling their children from the public school system is a way to shelter them from a government indoctrination program. Public schools now program our children with biased liberal ideologies. Additionally, some parents fear that mandated vaccination legislations are government overreach. In fact, in many schools, health counselors push drugs like Ritalin on to children. There may be no true end to the squandering of parental medical rights.

That’s why when a journalist, Marie Cohen boldly suggests that homeschool children be subject to CPS investigations by default, we all should worry. The idea is painted on the outside in the softest of colors, but a more harsh underbelly exists when the government is given such a robust amount of power.

"The body of seven-year-old Adrian Jones was found on November 25, 2015, in a barn in Kansas City, Kansas. Adrian was kept in a shower stall, beaten, starved, and eventually killed and his body fed to pigs. Six other children were removed from the home."

There is no doubt that any human with even the smallest semblance of empathy would feel terrible after reading that. More than terrible and like Cohen, you might even feel moved to take action.

But often, during times of tragedy, we have a difficult time seeing agenda clearly. After terrorist attacks, the government traditionally imposes new “security threat legislations or mandates” that take advantage of our blurry vision.

Cohen’s suggestion is likely the start of the spark falling gracefully into the tinderbox. People are tired of hearing of these child abuse tragedies and people want to do something about them.

But are mandated CPS reporting visitations really the answer?

They aren’t.

CPS would bring with it a playbook that decides what “signs and symptoms” of child abuse are. Would not vaccinating a child be such a sign? How about if a child professes an endearment of President Trump, or the child is being raised as Mormon?

Often, parents who are accused of abuse are telling the truth. Little Johnny really did fall on his own accord. Those who would be in the position of subjective judgment would be unlikely a qualified source of expertise. We’d be opening ourselves up for plenty more worse than good.

Additionally, children would be put before appointed CPS reporting agents who would be looking for abuse, rather than discovering it naturally. This would be far from without bias.

I believe an idea such as this could be used to intimidate parents considering homeschooling. Homeschooling serves as a detriment to the vaccine industry and to indoctrination agendas. This could serve as punishment to those parents who do choose to educate “off grid.”

As a country, it is to our utmost advantage to maintain our true freedom and not be coerced into turning it over to the government in the face of every tragedy.

via WashingtonPost

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