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The simple fact is, Ebola is spreading fast. The tought fight has just begun.  Don't let the stories about where it's located in the news keep us from being proactive.  Two days ago I told my wife that If they don't contain it, we would be pulling our kids out of school in two weeks.  Then I hear schools in Ohio are closed already.  

We have to be smart and think ahead of this virus.  It could be a worst case scenario that only Zombie Apacolypse has prepared us for.  How do we stop it?  Well, in the U.S.A. we already have signs everywhere to wash your hands.  That used to prevent a cold or the flu.  Today it could save your life.  It's time to really be proactive with sickness prevention.


I'm trying to get my family thinking about it early.  We walked into the restaurant yesterday.  When my wife grabbed the door handle, then picked her eye, I said "you just got Ebola."  The reality of its transmission set in.  Who handled the silverware at the table?  Did anybody sneeze that might have been a carrier?  

The good news is that somebody would have to show symptoms to be contageous.  The bad.... I don't know if anybody felt ill when they came to work today.  

If we're going to be proactive, the most subtle symptoms of fever should be perceived with heightened sensitivity.  Don't go out sick.  

These are good practices if you live in Africa.... or the U.S. ... or any country with known infection.  We are close to the holidays.  Continued progression could impact our economies detrimentally.  Flights could stop, and we might have to quarantine whole regions against travel.  If you are flying, and you feel sick, you might just tell someone.  Don't keep it to yourself.  I'm sure the airlines will make concessions especially now.  

Think about the near future... if it gets worse, if the stock boy at the grocery store had it, and touched all the product, you couldn't be sure how safe your groceries were from contamination.  I see myself washing every product I buy, and then taking multiple multiple showers... every time I go out in public.  No not yet.... but we should be aware of what it's going to take to stop this... sooner rather than too late.  

I question everything.  If a sick person flushes the toilet, and it goes to sewer treatment... will that stop it, or will that spread it?  

It's important for everyone in their fields of expertise to be aware of how they might be spreading this horrible epidemic, and how to best contain it.  Let's keep it from getting there... all of us working together before it's completely out of control.  Maybe we all need to use composting toilets to keep our mess home with us.  Yeah I know tmi... but for now we might need too much information rather than too little too late.

The off grid life... not needing to shop, not needing to go into public is one way to stay out of its way for now.  But we are people, and most of us love being around other people.  And that is the risk.

Please take note.  I realize it's not to this point yet, but it is this point we are trying to avoid.  Heightened awareness now could prevent the detrimental spread of the sickness.  I hear so many complaining that this is all media hype.  The fact is many people who work in health care throughout the country, and the offices of the government are consuming time and resources being proactive against this disease.  The fact that so many have to focus on it to stop it, and the fact that if we ignore it, we will be in a worst case scenario... makes it news.  I was thankful to watch the senate hearings with the CDC director and felt that he was proactive and had a good handle on what was happening here in the U.S.  Watching his answers, and his wisdom made me confident we are on the right track to recognizing mistakes, and modifying future response to illness.

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Here's a good article on why Ebola is such a terrible virus


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