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Just Between Friends is the brainchild of Founders Shannon Wilburn and Donna Tackett  

The two Ladies adventured by experience to take a simple idea, and transform it into one of the best re-distributions of unused childrens things in the world!  By creating a system where Mom's can save money, make money, and have a good reason to keep things in good shape with original packaging, Shannon and Donna have managed to save thousands of tons of landfill space, manufacturing labor and source supplies, trucking of goods and tons of fuel!  To think that one good idea can transform the world... yup... just did!  Good job gals!  I pronounce Just Between Friends as the Offgridquest Eco Friendly and Recycleable business of the year 2014!!  ~Dave Webster... now check it out...

Items that have not been purchased by the sales end can be picked up by sellers or left behind to find their way to charitable distribution!


So if you have childrens things that have been outgrown, keep your eyes out for a JBF consignment sale near you!   What better way to make a little money, size up the kids clothes, and get new age-appropriate toys and furnishings.


Monday: Just Between Friends Tulsa Sale - Where It All Began!

JBF-logo.pngOne of Tulsa's largest chances to bargain shop children's clothes, toys, and things continues Monday at Expo Square Exchange Center. Just Between Friends starts at 9 a.m. Monday and continues through Aug. 23 with bargains every day at this semi-annual children’s consignment sale. Admission is $10 for everyone 18 and older, and it’s good all week. The sale continues at 9 a.m. through the end of the week.  

Or Check Out Their Web Site To Find A Sale In Your Neck Of The Woods!


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