Doctors Without Borders Slams TPP Deal For Artifically Increasing Drug Prices

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The TPP will force countries to change their laws to protect Big Pharma’s patent monopolies.

The world’s most significant and most secretive trade deal in history just passed a major milestone, but not without resistance from a world-renowned healthcare provider.

After negotiations over the highly-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement concluded in Atlanta, Georgia, protests erupted.

In addition to the protests, Doctors Without Borders is also speaking out. Yesterday, the organization issued a statement saying that the TPP “will raise the price of medicines for millions by unnecessarily extending monopolies and further delaying price-lowering generic competition.”

“The TPP will still go down in history as the worst trade agreement for access to medicines in developing countries, which will be forced to change their laws to incorporate abusive intellectual property protections for pharmaceutical companies,” The statement continued. “The negative impact of the TPP on public health will be enormous.”

The humanitarian group made headlines last week when the US military bombed their hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing at least 19 people.

Senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have criticized the Obama administration for refusing to make the text of the TPP public.

“The American people have the right to know more about the negotiations,” Warren said on the Senate floor.

Sanders likewise stated, “If TPP was such a good deal for America, the administration should have the courage to show the American people exactly what is in this deal, instead of keeping the content of the TPP a secret.”

Even the majority of Congress isn’t allowed to see the contents of the TPP, as Democrat senator Ron Wyden pointed out. Given the secrecy surrounding the agreement, much of what the public knows is thanks to leaked chapters published by WikiLeaks.

Sanders went on to call the TPP “…Part of a global race to the bottom to boost the profits of large corporations and Wall Street by outsourcing jobs; undercutting worker rights; dismantling labor, environmental, health, food safety and financial laws; and allowing corporations to challenge our laws in international tribunals rather than our own court system.”

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