Dakota Access Pipeline Peaceful Protests And The Escalation Of Aggression (17 Videos)

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"It’s not clear what will happen or what the Obama administration will do, or if they will weigh in. Until that happens, we need to pay extremely close [attention] to whether or not the violence against the protesters increases. The police involved in the situation are militarized. They’re out there in MRAPs."- Amy Goodman (Democracy Now)


"The people are afraid that the police are meeting them with a degree of force that could lead to something very terrible. Remember when the Chelsea bombing happened and we all got emergency text alerts? That’s happening in North Dakota now. People are getting texts telling them that there are protesters in the area — it’s an attempt to criminalize and vilify these people, and turn the local non-native population against them. So the best I can say here is that, moving forward, there needs to be continued public pressure against the pipeline. The media needs to do much, much better with that". - Amy Goodman (Democracy Now)

So, what’s going on? The protesters, 270 or so who have been arrested since the standoff began in August, are a coalition of native people supporting the local Standing Rock Sioux, and they claim that the pipeline, which will carry sweet crude oil fracked from North Dakota’s Bakken oil patch through South Dakota and Iowa into Illinois, will endanger the region’s water supply, and that its construction is destroying their sacred lands.

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