El Nino Event Begins To Alleviate California Drought, But Comes With Consequences

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State Route 58 has sections that are under 5-6 feet of mud. There are 150 cars and 75 diesel trucks stuck in the mud that will have to be dug out. Estimated opening is Monday but it will be one lane in each direction. Interstate 5 has reopened lanes for both the northbound and southbound lanes.
Please use alternates routes.

The anticipated Gozilla El Nino Event has forecasters preparing for the worst of rainfall coming into California, likely to break them out of the drought in high style.  That's the good news.  The bad is that California has planned its way into a system that gets the waters out quickly.  "It all runs away to the ocean,"  says governor Jerry Brown.  When there should be better ways to divert it through the existing lakes, depending on where the rain falls, it may or may not fill up all the lakes when it comes.  The state has been dry for so long, and fires have taken their toll, there is little vegetation to hold the mud together, and this could be just the beginning. 

Following rainfall rates of 6 inches per hour, anything resembling a valley becomes a raging flood.  For those who haven't yet, now is a good time to set up one of those handy Rainwater Catchment systems so there is more water in reserve than just what the lakes capture.  That's always a good idea.  

Watch the radar on your phone, be alert and aware of what is coming.  Don't drive through rushing water, because the road under it may be washed out, and you can't always see how deep it is.

El nino represents a buildup of warm waters in the Pacific that look to be capable of replicating the floods of 1997, or maybe even worse.  For the sake of the drought, again, it's good and bad.  They need the rain so bad, but when it comes in floods, there are typically downsides, and you just have to be prepared to go around, to escape, to dodge the water, and allow it room to come through.

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