AT&T and Cricket Network Outages Across The U.S.

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In an outage starting at 2:10 PM PST Friday, subscribers of certain cell phone service providers were not able to use the internet, nor make outgoing nor receive incoming calls. Calling Cricket Wireless' customer service 1800 Cricket number, yielded only a fast busy signal. Customers from San Diego to New York City, from Tennessee to South Dakota have all written us this afternoon, to say their cell service remains out.

AT&T and Cricket Wireless customers were affected, which makes sense since they share the same network. The outage seemed to be affecting outgoing calls as well as incoming.

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UPDATE: KIVI TV in Nampa, Idaho reports a widespread Cricket outage. KIVI reports that the carrier, Cricket Inc, has tweeted: "We are aware of a service issue affecting some customers & are working quickly to resolve it. We apologize for this inconvenience."

The outage was first reported around 5 p.m. Eastern, WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida reports. As of 9:55 Eastern, service had not been restored to customers.

The Santa Monica Oberserver Reports:

Our Readers Tell Us 

One of SMOBSERVED.COM's Colorado readers reports his Cricket cell phone service is out in Denver. Readers in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington and in Arkansas also report their Cricket Wireless is out. So the outage appears to be national. One reader in Chicago, IL reports no service for 2 hours. "Out here East of Dallas" a Texas reader posted. "I have data, but phone and text aren't working. 19:00CST"

In comments, our California readers reported service outages in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa and San Diego. Readers across the United States told us of cell phone outages in Seattle, WA, Aurora, IN, Raleigh NC, Indianapolis, IN, Akron OH, Orlando FL, Nashville, TN, Pittsburg, PA, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Sedona, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Chicago and New York City

"I'm in Utah and Cricket phone service seems to be out across the state. I've been searching online and it pretty much looks like it's out across the country as well," writes one of our readers. "I'm in Wichita, KS and service seems to be out across the state. This is so exasperating!" writes Alyssa. "It would be nice to know why this is happening and more importantly, when/if its going to be fixed..."

"The same here in Arizona," wrote "Margedarlin" at 5:15 PM PST. "I went into a cricket store they say it's happening all over. I was told there is a tower down & it knocked the service out. I was told it would be back on by Saturday if not sooner."

A Texas reader also heard about the downed tower from his local store: "Outage here in San Antonio Texas too since about 4:30pm !! Called store was notified towers were done and they weren't sure when it was coming back up. Would be nice if they gave an approximate time. The fact that they don't know when is concerning. Were they hacked??!!"

"Cape Girardeau, MO... cricket customer with no service since 6:45...really wish I knew when it would be back. Called an AT&T customer from my work phone and their phone is working just fine... what the heck is going on?" a reader posted at 5:22 PM PST.

"In Santa Rosa,(Northern) CA. Service Flickers out Around 3:10 PM PST. Service is unavailable currently despite this phone displaying 2-3 bars and the cricket service indicator in the top left corner. Still a busy signal at customer support. The time is 5:25. Thank you and good luck!"

Switchgod writes: "Having worked Network Operations for Cricket for 8 years before the AT&T M&A, this is an absolute embarrassment for AT&T. Incredibly, this is the only article I've been able to locate on the net regarding this outage. I'm currently in Morgantown. WV and my wife's Cricket service is out. When manually forcing the phone to search for the AT&T network, the error message Network not available pops up. Luckily I now work for another wireless carrier. AT&T SUCKS!!!"

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid wireless service provider in the United States. Cricket Wireless offers voice, text, and data and is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc. As of 2011, it provided prepaid wireless services to approximately 5 million subscribers in the United States.

I am personally in Fort Myers Flordia, and we still are without phone service here... my story:

The phone grid flutters:

..... We dropped the kids at gymnastics for a one hour class and two hours of free time in the gym, and put our emergency contact numbers on the list.

My phone wasn't acting right. On the way to gymnastics, my wife had been really pissed at the amount of time I was spending with it while driving. I couldn't get internet to work between signals. I cycled the phone about four times, then removed the battery. I tried to call my son, and it put me into 911 mode... couldn't call out. I tried with my other phone, and found the same result. I knew I had just paid my bill the other day, and It was an hour long process before I realized all four phones on the account were dead.

We connected to wifi at Kohls to try to figure out what was going on. The incoming storm looked menacing. Shortly after, lightning flickered the lights, and the rumble of thunder shook the place.

I began to ramble through the possibilities... was it the storm? We have four cell phones.... all on one network.... AT&T, and all of them are down. I twittered Cricket support, and saw a list of issues coming from Nashville and Dallas, but nothing specific to our area in South Florida. As we drove, the silence of staring at the road, and noone twittering their thumbs at a screen... was deafening. I said..."how did we used to do this"?... turned on the radio, and took hold of my wife's hand. I said I think we used to hold hands instead of phones. She said... I think God's trying to tell you something. It wasn't until a few minutes ago, I discovered there's an AT&T outage in much of the U.S.... maybe He's talking to a lot of us at the same time. :)

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