The police officer arrested for refusing to remove his “Anonymous” mask

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The police officer arrested for refusing to remove his “Anonymous” mask at an anti-Obamacare rally gave an interview to Red Pill Philosophy and WeAreChange in which he said that “there’s a war coming” and “it’s time to fight.”
Ericson Harrell wore the Guy Fawkes mask, he said, because it’s a “symbol of protest.”

“I always keep my mask in my truck, my cape in the truck, the flag in truck and everything,” he said. “So I put on the mask and the cape, grabbed the flag, and I stood on the corner.”

Eventually a female police officer confronted him, at which point he asserted “my right to free speech,” and tried to convince the officer that the anti-masking statute didn’t apply to him, because that statute “was not put into place for peaceful protests, not for figures just standing on the side of the road trying to express their first amendment rights.”

After her supervisor showed up, he was arrested for refusing to remove his mask or identify himself.
He stated that the officer and her supervisor thought he was part of a larger anti-Obamacare protest, but “in actual reality, I was alone at the time. I was a soldier of one.”
Harrell also claimed that he only announced himself as a police officer “after the fact, because I didn’t want to get any preferential treatment.”

The anti-masking statute, he correctly claimed, was put into place “sometime in the 1950s because of the Ku Klux Klan trying to intimidate a certain group of people — a certain race of people.” He declined to specify which “group” or “race” that was.

Harrell is currently on administrative leave, and his department will make a decision as to his permanent employment situation after the charges against him are dealt with.
Watch the complete interview with Ericson Harrell below.


So what does all this have to do with living off the grid in America? Well, pretty much everything. I've seen this coming for years now, because what I notice over time is the changes in the generational stories from my grandfather to my Dad to me to my kids. And it is this perspective from generation to generation that will keep us in check as a nation. It is the understanding of what our forefathers bled and died for in keeping people free that we must continue to fight for.

For many, the idea of living off the grid is a way to "stick it to the man" because they're not happy with the way things are being run. So instead of working a 9-5 and making $80k per year in the city, and paying $25,000 per year in taxes, a decision to move to the midwest and buy a modest property, and farm to eat might mean that not much cash is needed to survive. So that kind of decision could mean that you could live extremely comfortably on $10,000 per year, and then receive $8000 per year in earned income credit from the government if you have kids. So now instead of a contributor to the system, you are a benefactor, and you work to eat instead of working to pay for food. The capital (money) has been taken out of the equation. But for most who make that kind of decision, it's not about "sticking it to the man" as much as it is about feeling oppressed by taxation and looking for a way out.

With the mounting pressures over time, taxation has changed and increased. Let's look at the numbers: A person with a family of two kids who makes $75,000 per year..... say my friend Ron, who is a school teacher in Southern California. He is frugal as can be. He bought his little home for $240,000 on payments, and fortunately for him at a low point in the housing market. On his $75,000 per year, he might pay about $18,000 in federal taxes, $4000 in state taxes, $800 in fuel taxes, $2500 in sales taxes, $150 in phone taxes, $60 in energy bill taxes (he manages to squeak out a $40 per month electric bill which is amazing), plus if you consider that everything he buys has business taxation (which include transportation taxes, fuel taxes for getting product to market, etc..) already incorporated in the price to the extent of about another $5000.00. Then with a $5,000 annual property tax bill on the home, where that leaves him about $39,490 per year to live off of, pay for gas to get to work, feed his family, and just to survive. That's a 47.35% tax on his income to live in the United States. He complains about things here because his wife is from Denmark. There they pay about 50% tax, but college is free as are living expenses, when a girl has a baby, the couple gets to take a year off with pay, and medical is free, all paid for through taxation. And there it's considered socialism. But here in the U.S., taxation has become excessive to the point of socialism without the benefits that come with it. Then lets add in a couple traffic tickets (because those are taxes), some lottery tickets (oh yeah, those are taxes too), and you will find that if you happened not to take all the correct write-offs on your federal tax forms, instead of $18,000, that could have been $26,000, and you can see how a person could feel like all of his money is being confiscated, and his freedom to earn and spend money has been taken from him. It is this that leads a person to want to "get off the grid."

So let's go back for a minute to those conversations with my grandfather, and figure this out. He was in World War II at Midway Island where he battled with the Japanese. Kamikaze planes dive bombed his battleship and killed many on board. His best friend had his head blown off by gunfire right next to him. It was as bad as you see in the movies.... probably much worse. He didn't talk about it his whole life. Not until when I was up in years and I asked him.... and even then he didn't say much. But we knew he fought for our freedom.... to keep the Nazis from taking over the world. It was our leadership in spearheading the Nuclear bomb, the decoding of the Nazi submarine's messages that stopped the Japanese and Nazis from taking over at that time. It was the leadership taken by the United States in World War II that made the rest of the world forever grateful. It is that leadership and economic growth that moved the United States into a position of being the economic strength of the world, and the U.S. dollar the currency of the world for international trade. It is the freedom of this great nation that has always attracted people from around the world to want to come here to have an opportunity because this has been considered the land of opportunity.

So then I think back to conversations with my father. He tells me stories growing up in Los Angeles. He had a race ready Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle and would head down Pacific Coast Highway to his hearts delight. He tells of running 90 miles per hour, and growing up there, knew the city cops, and all he had to do was cross the city line and he was free. So that's what they did... they raced across the city line or the county line, and home free!
So today when there are cameras everywhere, and they catch a shot of your plates and show up at your door... that's the difference between then and now... you go to jail now for somthing you might have gotten away with then. You had to be caught then. Today everybody is caught. There's no getting away like there used to be. Imagine a child that you find is adventurous, and because he's always getting into trouble, you spank the tar out of him. Sometimes you can spank the adventurous spirit right out of him. You don't want to crush the boy's spirit, because then you've gone too far.  That's what happens when everything is on camera, and everyone is penalized.  The adventurous spirit that built great inventions and advanced society is being crushed by over policing compared with years past.  Technology that looks like it helps can be too opressive too.  

When a corporation becomes sluggish and bogged down in it's system, say it's been in business for 100 years, and say it has stopped growing. Say there are 50,000 retirees and 50,000 employees. So it's balance sheet has become skewed so that it can no longer show a profit, so it's going down the drain. What happens? Another corporation buys them out and those receiving retirement checks lose their checks. Or they fail and go under and the pieces of the company are sold off. Either way, those who no longer produce lose their income.
This is the difficiulty of the government. When it takes a stance on providing for the sick, the poor, the elderly, and makes the people to rely on it, there is no way it can be financially viable. If the taxation burden becomes heavier than the people can bear, the government becomes a failure because it cannot sustain all that "weight." It needs a system that works. If it needs to lighten its load, it can make encouraging factors for the elderly, such as... no income tax for over 70, no matter how much you make. That way, if a 70 year old makes too much, they lose social security benefits, and become a provider for themselves. There are enough jobs online these days that they wouldn't have to work a 9-5 in the grocery store to work. They could sit home with a great idea. Good ideas need to happen. Government needs to have it's focus on lightening up because there are: City Governments with city taxes, County governments with county taxes, State governments with State Taxes, and the Federal Government with Federal Taxes. And all of them are reaching into your wallet, so it's no wonder a person can't get a leg up.

So when there is a possibility of owning a house that receives it's power from the sun and the wind, there are no utility taxes, and they give you money back for setting up a system. And if your car is powered by electricity that is produced by your house that gets power from the sun and the wind, there's no fuel tax and the sun won't tax you, and who can keep track of you anyway. And when your food grows in the back yard... fresh organic produce and range free eggs, then there's no grocery tax bill, and what are they gonna take your eggs from you? .... nope... because they operate on a monetary system. Living off the grid takes a person mostly off the monetary system and thus out of the equation. That makes a person to enjoy the freedoms that come with being an American. The loopholes for living this kind of life take the burdens off and the dream of being free and living free is much easier to realize.

But what does that do to the rest of the people? It increases the burden on them. So that means, unless the system changes, and soon, we will see this "company" of the U.S. in need of bankruptcy, of being bought out, because it cannot sustain itself. And we must stand up for what needs to be done, and make the hard decisions that reduce expenses at all levels of government so that taxation is not burdensome on the people. Technology is advancing, and the governments are in the process of being defunded by those advancements, and they don't even know it. The people will all go off the grid and leave the government unfunded if it does not correct. It must be corrected to adhere to the freedoms that men and women died for, and not be oppressive either financially, or by being overly policed.

The policing problems we see today are more of a system failure than anything, and the script needs to be re-written. Capitalism in economics works because poor service leads to competition. But in law enforcement it does not work because competition is not an option. What I mean is, if you're local policemen received their raises based on customer service surveys, you would see good service. But if they see raises based on how many tickets their departments hand out, you will see opression. It's all about the system. And a department who receives funds from tickets it hands out will automatically try to ticket more for more funds. So the fix is to make all policing departments send all funds from tickets outside their departments. I like the idea of giving out all ticket monies throughout the year in Christmas gifts to people they hear are struggling at Christmas time. But the money just needs to leave the department. There should be funds enough through property or sales taxes to provide for the policing system.  And that's my piece for the day.  

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