Store Shelves Emptying As Two Hurricanes Head For Hawaii

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So now in the wake of bad water supply in Ohio and a run on the stores there, we have a massive run on stores in Hawaii for the double whammy hurricanes on the way.  Thankfully the forecast seems to be showing that they will decrease before impact, but it also shows our modern reliance on the store for all of our goods.  Being off-the-grid as a purist isn't the point.  But learning survival skills, planning and building to make dependance on the local marketplace less important is a good thing.   Having backup power systems and water supply are imperitave.  On the big island, there are places hours and hours from the big city because of small roads instead of superhighways.  Many have generators, water wells, solar power, and rural systems.  Those people are best prepared for an event like this where rushing to the grocery store may not be a necessity. 


If shelves that look like this mean you won't have water, that's a problem.  Having a rain water collection system - even as a backup - putting a barrel below your rain gutters and keeping a portable filter - means you can at least have drinking water even if the infrastructure can't provide it.  


I had a conversation with the manager for a power plant here in Oklahoma.  He said they had 3 months worth of coal in case of an emergency or stoppage of supply, there would still be 3 months of power provided to the community.

Just like we all should keep at least enough money to get  through a couple months of bills, we should also have emergency backup food and water supply to get us through at least a month in case the big flood hits, an unexpected quake, a tsunami, tornado, or other horrific event.  Watching others go through such difficulties on tv, or the internet helps make the rest of us more aware of what we should do to be ready in our own Earth climate zones. 


Joplin Missouri was rebuilt in less than a year after the large tornado leveled the town.  We are fortunate in the U.S. to have a strong economic infrastructure to rebuild.  The more that each of us is capable of rebounding personally, the less strained the system will be.  



Our thoughts and prayers, love and light, and hope are with Hawaii as they prepare for this potential double-whammy storm event



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