13 Year old MIT Student Builds Free Energy Device for $15 (video)

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13 year old MIT student, Max Lochin contemplates free energy and builds a $14 invention that captures some of it!  Watch this:  

"Max isn't in it for the money or the recognition."  Max is taking online college courses from MIT where he hopes to attend full time in a few more years.  

The greatest ideas are still out there to be discovered.  Many ideas don't make it the first time, and become supressed through financial losses and calamity.  Others never get funded.  But one good idea that finds it's niche will change the way we do life.  

"From day one I was put on the earth to Invent, and that's a good reason" Max says

Some wire, a coffee can, a telescoping selfie stick and a spoon... and this kid has put together something quite terrific!  Can't way to see what he does next! 

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