This Woman Has Spent The Last 14 Years Photographing The World’s Oldest Trees

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How do you know how old a tree is? Just like humans, trees are living and as a result they show signs of ageing. Trees have growth rings located within their trunk. You must cut the tree horizontally in order to see the growth rings.

Shells and corals sometimes have growth rings that give away their age too.

A tree keeps careful record of every year it is alive, and the secrets are all stored in the language of growth rings. Growth rings give away a tree’s age, but they also reveal the climate and many other things about each year the tree was alive. For instance a tree that grows in dry soil ages more obviously than a tree that grows in moist soil.

Climate, temperature, weather, soil pH, available nutrients, CO2 concentration, as well as sunspots influence the appearance of a tree’s growth rings.

The rings form due to the growth speed a tree encounters throughout each season of a particular year. Typically, one ring marks one year of growth in a tree’s life. Adequate moisture and a good growing season equate to a nice, thick ring line. A dry year that results in little growth equates to a very thin, narrow ring.

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