They Put A Bear Together With A Lion And A Tiger, And What Happened Defies The Laws Of Nature.

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Sometimes it’s under the darkest of circumstances that the greatest bonds are formed. That’s what brought these three seemingly different animals together, and down a path that would lead to a lifetime of love and happiness.

When the police raided a drug den in Atlanta, they discovered something heartbreaking in the basement. They called in the experts from Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary and prayed that they weren’t too late…

For 15 years a black bear, a tiger, and a lion have lived like brothers at the Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary in Locust Grove, California. 

The unusual bond between Leo the Lion, Shere Kahn the tiger and Baloo the bear began when they were all just cubs. Animal rescue organization Noah’s Ark discovered them locked away in the basement of an Atlanta drug den. The three cubs were all malnourished and in need of urgent medical attention. Leo was in the worst shape with a painful infection in his nose (pictured below).

Baloo was so badly infected with parasites that he required surgery to remove them. That operation would prove to be the only time that the three brothers were ever separated. 

They would be enemies in the wild, but in captivity the three animals grew so close that Noah’s Ark knew they had no choice but to keep them together forever at the sanctuary.

Over the years they have learned to care for and comfort each other just like family.

Here is Baloo giving Shere Khan a kiss.

The three brothers are never afraid to show how much they care about each other.

They are like the animal kingdom’s version of the Three Musketeers. All for one and one for all!

It’s wonderful that a story with such a sad beginning had such a happy ending. These three sweet animals truly deserve to live happily ever after.

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