The Mountains Were Calling, and We Answered

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I lived in a city where crime was increasing, I had become miserable in "retirement," from a fantastic career in advertising and marketing, my life was a stagnant pool of day-in, day-out existence. There was a calling. I have loved the Blue Ridge Mountains since I was a child, coming to the Great Smokies every year on family vacation. I knew in my soul that I wanted to live here; more importantly, that time was now.

In the summer of 2013, when I came to pick my daughter up from school in Rabun Gap, Georgia, in the foothills of the North Georgia Blue Ridge, I told my fiancee that I didn't think I was coming back. He said ok. We agreed that if I was lucky enough to find a place to rent reasonably, I would scout out these mountains and valleys to see if we could make it here. I left home with just one suitcase and no desire to return, ever.

It was meant to be. From June to the following April, I lived on top of Germany Mountain, became a part of the Rabun County community, found part-time work and then snapped up a house in the Valley that we could afford. All the while, my fiancee received detailed reports from the front and several visits to these mountains later, he was convinced that this was the place to be. He moved up to join me in August, 2015 and life has never made more sense.

We love the country and while we may seem "deprived" of shopping malls, forget the night life and the nearest real grocery is miles away...neither one of us would trade it again for the hustle and flow of any city.

Settling in, we are excited to start a small hobby farm, for me to resume my freelance writing and marketing of all things Appalachia, waking up to the sounds of distant rooster crows and retiring each night long after red, dusty sunsets. We've been blessed to have found this tucked away corner of heaven in the Northeast Georgia Mountains...

 by Cherie Faircloth

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