The Legend Of The Cedar Tree

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Once more the Creater heard their prayers. The day again became devided between light and darkness. The weather once more became pleasant and the crops began to grow again. Game became plentiful and the people could see again to hunt. Because they were no longer cold and had plenty to eat , sickness no longer plaqued them. The people once more treated each other with kindness and respect. It was once more good to be alive and the people gave the Creator their thanks, for their life and for the food they had to eat.

The Creator was pleased and accepted their thanks. He was pleased to see them happy once again. The Creator was sad though for all of those that had suffered and died during the times of the long days and long nights. He decided to place their spirits in a newly created tree. This tree was named a-tsi-na- tlu- gv ( ah-see-na loo-guh ) Cedar Tree.

When you smell the fragrance of the cedar tree or gaze upon it in the forest, remember that if you are Aniyuhnwiya (Cherokee) , you are looking upon your ancestors....So says Spirthawk ^i^


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